Weekly News 4-14-2017

Hi all!

This week the update was small due to a need to do an after Easter update on Monday. The update monday will include the rewards for Easter you can purchase with Evil Bunny Eggs!

Today we simply adjusted the bounty mod to hopefully now properly give the increase inside the pvp zone to 200% bounties, and outside the pvp zone should be 25% less than what it was formerly.

Also we adjusted the spawn point on the Northlands map to make you pop inside the starter town, yes that was my mistake!

Happy Mythmooring,



P.S. As many of you know I am in very early stage of development on a new game. If anyone would like to help out, I am in need of animators, 3d artists, lore writers, and extra coders. There is no money in it…and you would need to sign away rights to the work, however you would get credit on the game and if a profit ever turned on it, the first shot at paid positions. Contact me on steam if interested.

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