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In the past GM’s have had to take action with no clear set of defined punishments outlined. This Codec is an attempt to make a uniform set of instructions on how to deal out punishments in situations. Some of these also apply to Chat Moderators. I am making this Codec a post that is available to the public so there can be no confusion between staff and players on how a situation was dealt with. This Codec may need tweaking and adjustments from time to time, so we reserve the right to make any changes at any time.

In most cases we do not need to moderate chat. Usually just letting someone know via a PM that they are getting a little out of hand is enough to temper a situation. However in the case the community is being disrupted and the player refuses a verbal warning the following is the rule thumbs on chat mutes:

First offense 1 hour mute.

Second offense 6 hour mute.

3rd offense 24 hour mute.

4th offense 72 hour mute.

5th offense ticket a GM for a ban punishment.

In the situation a ban is needed, which again is not often though somtimes the case arises. These are reserved for particularly disruptive community members, known repetative exploiters and the like. In many cases dropping a few of Xype’s Secret Service on them is a more desirable punishment. If a ban is needed and issued, Xype should be alerted so that any website orders the player has done can be looked into to determine if there are any viable for refund. Any GM issuing a ban can not be overturned by any other GM other than Xype, all apeals for any ban or chat mute must go through Xype to be overturned, however it is very unlikely he will overturn any GM decision as he already made careful considerations on who is staff, and they have his full support.

First ban offense 24 hours.

Second ban offense 72 hours.

Third ban offense 1 week.

Fourth offense 365 days.

Note with the situation where Xype may look into viable refunds, as per the checkout terms no refunds is the policy, however He is very generous when it comes to giving people back their money who are no longer being allowed to play on the server. It is a case by case basis, and not guaranteed that refunds will be issued.


Xype’s secret service can be dispatched at any time, without warning, for any reason, including funny. If you dispatch a secret service squad however, they are not allowed to enter any home, and you should carefully watch to make sure the player does not die, it is meant to scare and cause a laugh not to kill

If a player curses the gods, or worse says the god is weak, an avatar can be dispatched on the player. That avatar can then do what they will. Gods are gods and what their avatars do is up to the gods.


Reminder this Codec may be updated at any time.

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