Server Update 4-16-2018

:OK, Fatigue should no longer stop you from doing actions It should require less people to cast rite of spring, i don’t know how many, test. There should be less problems with duplicate authentication now, thats why you are seeing that funky reporting steam info text, do not worry it is not your steam info or steam id, its the auth token, will be removing that in the very near future. No fix for bulk item transfer yet, its on the high priority list. In game map is available on prime, it is there only for now as a test, things go well will add to northlands and plains in the near future. We are on much higher/newer hardware now, let me know how things are going performance wise. Replinish has a bit of buggyness, but still a fun spell. Global Freedom chat now relays to discord! Have fun!


May 5, 2018
well i'm locked out, Ypres, getting dup authentication all the time, started 5 days back with getting kicked cont, but got no help so now i'm stuck out, heard only restart can help, whats goen on with game now to cause this?
May 5, 2018
Server is back up now sorry about that, something is going on I can't trace but this started yesterday, any other problems is something else going on please hop on discord and we will try to help with that.
May 5, 2018
5 days back is before the update, nobody contacted me, didn't see anything about Ypres on discord, server is being dorky but im trying to get that under control but that just started yesterday.

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