Wurm Unlimited

Patch Notes 4-6-2018

This was a massive vanilla update also, please read the patch notes for the main WU update there is a LOT of changes

Here is the things I slipped in

  • New spell: Harden. Reduces damage to items. 50 power = 15% DR, 100 power = 30% DR.
  • New spell: Replenish. Cast on a liquid container, fills container with water. Can be cast once every 24 hours.
  • New spell: Summon Soul. High difficulty, 5 minute cast time, 120 favor (requires 2+ linked priests). Will summon a player to you. WARNING: Do not use this to summon players against their will. Punishment will be harsh.
  • New spell: Phasing. Weapon enchant that makes attacks harder to block with shield, increasing defender’s shield skill check. Higher power increases effect.
  • The Fo/Vynora/Magranon’s Demise spells have been removed. These were not functioning anyway.
  • Several spells have been adjusted for difficulty and favor costs. – All Rites (Rite of Spring, Holy Crop) now require a god favor pool of 30,000, and will reduce the pool by 30,000 when cast. In addition, a minimum of 20 players must be in the vicinity to cast the Rite of Spring.
  • Holy Crop additional effect: All bred animals within the god’s influence areas on the server (altar range) get a 1 in 5 chance to have a negative trait removed by the Rite.
  • Casting an enchantment on an item will now list the spell that is blocking a conflicting enchantment from going onto the item. e.g. The longsword is already enchanted with Blessings of the Dark which would negate the effect of Wind of ages.
  • Statuette QL and rarity now affect casting. Each 0.1QL gives a 0.1 bonus roll to a cast. Rarity increases the bonus by 3 per rarity level.
  • Spell effects should now be visible on mobs and other players.
  • Minipets mod has been added. Right now, minipets are only available through GMs. Look for them as event rewards!


Known Issues At This Time

Selecting max when moving items out of a bsb causes an error, we are working on fixing that issue low priority.

Some priests following certain gods will not be able to hardly do anything, please try your best to tough it out I will fix that first thing in the morning, server has to be brought down to fix it. High Priority


Fun Event

First person to complete an artifact statue will be the first owner of a mystery mini pet egg!


Thank you Sindusk and Bdew I happily ganked your mods and used them, cheers!


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