Official WU Update 5-10-2017

Server has been updated to version you will need to update your clients to connect. When updating your client remember if you are using any client mods you will need to run the patcher.bat again to attempt to make them work. You may also want to check for updated versions of your mods before attempting to do so. If your client will not launch after patching the mods, try doing a file integrity check and launching in vanilla version to see if it is the mods or not. Our players are welcome to contact me if they are having trouble and I will attempt to help them out.

Had to make some adjustments to a few mods to get everything working. There may be some bugs and issues. If so please use /support to inform me of the bug so that I can work on a fix for it.

I did not add any new mods that I have prepared today, because I want to squash any issues from the official update first. Hopefully will be ready for a server custom update on friday!

Happy Mythmooring!

Details on the update can be found at

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