News 7-7-2017

Just updated the modloader to fix the corner crash issue. Everyone has been given 5 hours sleep bonus for dealing with the repeated downtimes on update day tuesday.


Azbantium Fist enchant and related items have been removed. After feedback from high skilled miners we feel that the new way mining increases surface mining chance is not that hard to deal with not having az fist at high skills. This also increases the value of having high mining skill so at this time Az fist will not be making a return. Anyone who had a pickaxe that lost all of its other things due to this should report it using a /support ticket. Be warned I am going back and checking backup databases to verify these reported picks, and if anyone is caught in lies to a gm to get a free high powered pickaxe the punishment will be harsh.


The /seasons  mod is still in place for the time being. This mod will run throughout a wurm year to give people time to make almanacs, get records, and transition to using the almanacs. After around 1 wurm year the mod will be removed and the almanacs will be the only way to get the information.


Other than that, deep backup is done, server is back up, and lets get to Mythmooring!

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