News 7-4-2017

Server is back up running 1.4 stable. Had to disable the azbantium fist mod due to a change in the code by the WO devs. They not only changed a method name they changed the method from public to public final static making it hard to reach. This will remove the azbantium fist effect from all currently enchanted pickaxes. IF and that is a big IF I decide to fix that mod and put it back in, we will offer some limited time free high level az fist enchanting to compensate for losses. At this time due to the way that mod is written we may decide either not to fix it, or do it in a different way which doesn’t require bytecode manipulation. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Please report any issues quickly so we can try to resolve them as soon as possible. If there are any major issues it may require additional downtime to repair the problem. Thank you for understanding.

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