News 7-17-2017

Maintenance today included a bit of database cleanup. Remaining evil easter bunnies have been destroyed. On that note it should be common understanding when an event is over only a reasonable time would remain to claim rewards. We have people still trying to turn in easter eggs. If your ticket is not already open save them for next year as we will no longer trade easter eggs. Easter was a long time ago.

A couple of adjustments were made to attempt to correct some issues, if these adjustments caused you to lose something, namely wagons on northlands, please just do a ticket we will take care of you.

Az fist has been gone long enough. There is no reason you should not have already reported your lost pickaxe enchants. If you have not already opened your ticket for replacement of enchants, then you did not seem to need it too bad. To alieve the staff of this trouble no new tickets will be honored for Az Fist Enchants. Already Open tickets will be worked when we catch you online.

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