News 6-9-2017

Hello all,

Hopefully the wagon issue is fixed where you can take them from prime to northlands. If you have something wonky with your items on northlands please do a /support we will check it out. If this fix did not work we will explore a more penetrating bug zapper.

You may now craft Colossus of Libila while being freedom.

New vanity mount will be hitting the shop shortly. Raging Worg Mount. They can swim, they go a tiny bit faster than a regular worg, and they can climb slopes up to 100 steep.

Horses have had their speed increased to give freemium players a chance to keep up with the vanity mounts without buying them from another player or the shop. So hold on to those saddles next time you step on that geared 5 speeder.

Unbinding scrolls will be available on the shady merchant. So that you can unbind your gear and put a rune on it. Upon using the unbinding scroll on your gear it will give you a new Scroll of Gear Binding to rebind your gear with. So you do not lose that initial investment. It should only work on a piece of gear that is bound. If you notice anything strange don’t abuse it, report it.

Beyond that I did a few updates to some of the mods to make them easier to expand upon. I was hoping to get more done but that work thing got ahold of me.

Happy Mythmooring all!

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