News 6-2-2017

Hi all,

Today’s update was just a couple of bug fixes, including Dante and Farscape priest restriction problems. Those priests as well as any new player gods who may have encountered the problem before should now be all fixed up and not have restrictions.

Some things I feel need noting are being included in today’s news:

  1. Just because someone has a similar name as you, that does not give you the right to tell them to leave the server. If your name is kitty and someone names themselves Misskitty that is not against the rules.
  2. I have heard about people sending pm’s about too much focus on pvp. I have not really put much focus on pvp, only trying to do some things to make reasons to be there to pvp. Keep in mind the development focus of WO right now is PVE stuff, and doing a lot of pve modding gets broken and has to be fixed due to WO updates that come to WU. I am trying to create an enjoyable playing experience for all.
  3. I appreciate your feedback, but when there is something that has always been a certain way on this server, it is not fair to newer players to take these things out when so many have already taken advantage of them to get where they are. Example here removing treasure chests or changing what they have in them. Many players used those to get where they are, why is it fair to remove them now and make it harder for new players to catch up? I think a better use of development time would be to create more enjoyable things for end game players to do rather than make it harder for new players to get to the end game.

That is all for today folks, happy Mythmooring!

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