News 6-19-2017

Hi all,

This week we have gone through a little period of dealing with drama. We were trying to be nice and coach people through how to interact and be a part of a community, however it seems that just does not compute to some people. This was a lot of wasted time and effort, as a result we will just from now on have zero tolerance for a player who continues to use their time to make other players upset. This is unacceptable behavior in a pve area. Get along, or stay away from them.

Now on to the update!

Hell horse speeds have been increased to be slightly higher than horses, as they were lower after the horse increase last week.

Unbind scrolls should now be fixed and will be going back on the shady merchant, please report don’t abuse any bug you find with them!

Some strange and unusual things have been reported about treasure chests. I do not want to give away the details in the news, should be fun for players to find out!

The new player gods have been appropriately added to the Northlands and Plains servers.

Coordinator has been doing his pop up events, those can happen anytime anywhere just keep an eye out for him to call!

Happy Mythmooring everyone!

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