News 3/31/2017

Hello all, Xype here:

Today Mythmoor Prime got a few tweaks to help make the experience a little less brutal for new players. Aggressive creature % has been lowered to 40% and the valrei and rift mobs no longer spawn on prime. Existing mobs will be there until killed, and this will have no effect on dominated/tamed/existing versions of these creatures at any time. You can still go to plains or battle, dominate/tame them, token them, and bring them back.

When you do /time you can now see how many in game days until the season changes again.

These and other changes over the next week are leading towards the new battle map in the works. I am going to try to get the map onto the test server for people to preview sometime over the next week (hopefully really soon).

Collect those evil easter eggs, they will be used as currency to exchange for easter rewards after easter!

Happy Mythmooring!

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