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Lead creatures over water: When leading a creature this server has been modded to allow you to lead them over deed water. This mod tricks the creature into thinking it can swim. Warning, if you stop leading the creature it will start drowning in a short amount of time.

Monsters drop coin and give karma: All creatures on this server have been modified to give coin directly to your bank, depending on what type of creature and how difficult it is. You also gain 10 karma for every kill so that you can cast valrei spells and karma magic.

No Priest Restrictions: Priests have been modified on this server to not have restrictions on what actions they can perform. You may also gain unlimited amount of faith per day, with no cool down between faith gains. All priests are able to cast all spells so that your choice is only what god you want to follow.

Meditation Changes: You do not need to wait for meditation gains. You do not need to move 10 tiles between meditation attempts. There is no delay on advancing your meditation path.

Crops Never Go To Weeds: Your crops once planted will grow in approximately 24 hours. However, if your crops get full grown they will never go to weeds, so as long as your crops are protected by a fence or deed, they will be there when you return.

Free Mail: Mail has no cost, however note that there is a 10 copper fee on returned mail.

Digging Changes: Clay digs at 20kg per dig. Digging goes directly to ground. If digging while riding a cart or wagon the dirt will go straight into the cart or wagon, if crates are inside the cart or wagon it will go into the crates. Note there is no protection of rare digs when using this method.

Hitching Posts: This server allows you to build hitching posts, which you can use to hitch up to 3 animals to, in order to keep them from moving around.

Animal Exchange: You may turn your animals into tokens that will go to your inventory. These tokens weigh a lot, however you can load the tokens onto ships, and you can carry them to other servers, then exchange them back to get your animal back.

Bulk Storage Changes: Bulk storage has no transfer limit, to make it easier to rearrange items in storage. Bulk Storage Bins automatically arrange items by QL instead of stacking them all together. This should sort piles by 10QL. It is possible to have a bulk bin act like originals, simply by blessing them.

Vehicle Movement Speed is increased on this server, this includes all mounts and vehicles.

Freedom Isles has a blue dragon tabbard on this server, looks much cooler!

There are a vast variety of new craftable items, and many more to come!

This server has portals to travel to remote areas easier.

You can mine moon metals with a small chance while doing any underground mining action.

This server spawns rift creatures, and has a very high creature count, and creatures spawn properly. It is dangerous out there!

Custom creatures and mounts of many varieties, and always more being added.

See when the next season will start with a command.

In the PVP zone there is a chance when killing something that a rift resource node will spawn.

Alchemy Mod

Check bank balance with a command

Check the burn time on your fires, so your forge doesn’t go out while working!

Inbreed creature warnings

Mini Pets

More Potables



Better Digging
and more being added!

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