Maintenance complete

Server is coming back up.

Another attempt to fix the horse shoe problem has been implemented, if  you notice bugged horse shoes again please let me know so I can try further attempts.

Taxidermy has been updated with hopeful fixes to model discrepancies. Also the following additions/changes/updates:

  • Animated models are now sent to the client as creatures rather than items
  • This will fix with wrong display of horse models and allow more possibilities in the future
  • However, this has 2 negative side effects – size multiplier for animated trophies is effectively limited to x4, and normal push/pull/turn keybinds no longer work on animated models. The later can be worked around by using my action mod and making manual keybinds.
  • Horse and Hell Horse colors are now correctly represented on trophies
  • Fixed spam about not having enough karma for GMs
  • Preserved corpses can now be painted with dyes
  • Animated corpses will correctly emit light if a glow rune is attached
  • Fixed size issue for gm-spawned preserved corpses with data2=-1

Spawn locations for first time players, and transfer from another server to Prime have been changed to help players load in who have lower end systems or other issues with the new Moor’s rest item count. It is nearby but not right in the middle of the major city.

Happy Mythmooring!

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