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The most in depth game you have ever tried. Wurm Unlimited reaches to the furthest ends of the world being at your control. Join the Mythmoor server today to experience even more unique and engaging possibilities than any other server out there. We are the oldest and we are the best!

Incredible Atmosphere

Mythmoor has one of the best communities in WU. From experienced players that love to help, to new players that want to chat. We have an active global chat and helpful staff to see that your game experience is top notch!

Fun Events!

We have a great time with events on Mythmoor. Boat races, impalongs, even unique not seen anywhere else custom boss creatures to devistate your party, come join us for fun and adventure. We even have repeatable dungeons!

Billion Mods

We have a great deal of custom mods, nothing to download! Just jump in and enjoy the custom experience we offer! For a full list of mods head over to this page and read more!
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